94.3 WYBC Optimum Listener Hall of Fame: Lynette DeVore-Mack

94.3 WYBC Optimum Listener Hall of Fame: Lynette DeVore-Mack

We are proud to induct Lynette DeVore-Mack into the 94.3 WYBC Optimum Listener Hall of Fame!

Lynette has been a loyal and dedicated listener for many years. She has met all the hosts of WYBC’s shows. She has won many contests, including Erykah Badu, Flo Rida, Temptations, Disney On Ice, Keith Sweat, Fantasia & Joe and more!

Lynette is also a small business owner (Lady of Essence Boutique) and has scheduled many events & made great business connections from WYBC highlighting small black own businesses. It gives her the opportunity to support and be supported. She has made many purchases as such businesses as More Amour Boutique, Mama Mary’s Soul Food, Philly’s: A Taste of Philadelphia, and more!

Lynette loves listening to The Electric Drum and The Drive at Five. DeDe In The Morning with Darryl Huckaby is everything to her. There is a lot of laughter and it’s a great way to start the day. She also loves Ash Cash on Monday Mornings & Wednesdays with Dr. Roberta Hoskie as it helps make businesses prosperous and great!

Congratulations and welcome to the Hall of Fame, Lynette!

Photo courtesy of WYBC.

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