Mom of the Year: Barri Bolden

Mom of the Year: Barri Bolden

WYBC is proud to congratulate Barri Bolden, our WYBC Mom of the Year Winner for 2023!

Barri was nominated by her daughter, Eryn.

Barri receives a framed certificate, flowers, a spa gift card and dinner for 2 at Kool Breeze Jamerican Cuisine on Whalley Avenue in New Haven and 2 VIP Tickets & 2 Seats on the Party Bus to see Dru Hill at The Palace Theater in Stamford!

Below is what Eryn wrote about her mom:

I would like to nominate my mother, Barri Bolden, for Mom of the Year, because for as long as I can remember my mother has been a selfless person.  She raised six children altogether, four of them as a single parent. She currently cares for my younger, disabled brother, and provides for one of my nieces, whom she has been raising since the age of two.

She is a grandmother to 11, soon-to-be 13 children, all of which have lived under her roof at one point or another and that she has helped provide for.  She works for the city of New Haven in the school system as a lead cook, and has done so for almost 30yrs. Even with the opportunity to retire last year, she chose to continue working, and cooking for hundreds of children daily; because she loves what she does and they love her.

As a woman in her early sixties, she is showing no sign of slowing down.  She supports my niece by attending all of her track meets and chauffeuring her to and from her practices; and my nephew by attending weekly band concerts at his school.  She’s constantly on the go when it comes to her grandchildren, including the twins my sister is currently carrying.  

She gives constant support to her adult children as well.  She promotes my freelance art business, as well as my brother’s landscaping business, by word-of-mouth recommendations, being a secretary for my brother, and just being our biggest cheerleader.  Anything that we set our minds to, she is right there to encourage us.

I feel like she deserves to be mother of the year for all the reasons I’ve listed, and more.  She’s selfless, caring, supportive, loving, and has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.