AARP Cell Phone Scam

Think you or a loved one were targeted by a scam? You are not alone. Contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline at 877-908-3360 for free support.

Criminals are looking for the fastest way to your wallet and they know the quickest way is through someone or something you know and trust. That’s why Imposter scams are the most frequent consumer crimes year after year.

Whether they are impersonating Social Security or the IRS, a new online love or a friend with a can’t miss grant opportunity – these crooks are trying to play on your trust.

Always verify that any request for money or personal information is legitimate. Especially if it comes through a phone call, text, email or social media message. And know that the government, by and large, does business through the mail and not by phone, email or text.

Don’t be deceived by criminal scammers. Look for the warning signs and always verify before acting. 

Find out more at and remember: if you can spot a scam you can stop a scam.