Mom of the Year: Mrs. Mary Reddick

Mom of the Year: Mrs. Mary Reddick

WYBC is proud to congratulate Mrs. Mary Reddick, our WYBC Mom of the Year Winner for 2022!

Mary was nominated by her daughter, Sherese.

From Sherese:

“I am nominating my mom because she has over came so much to be the women she is and made me the  woman I am. My mom has been working since she was 16 years old, never once complaining and now she is 79 years old.  She has kept multiple jobs along the way. She got married at a young age, she was abused and lost 2 children in her prior marriage but she kept going. She ended up quitting school in the 11th grade to go on with her life. Working hard she met and married my dad years and years later. She has always made sure(along with my dad) that I honor God, work really hard because nothing is giving to me. My parents have always kept a roof over my head, food on my table and clothing on my back. My grandmother wasn’t at her best in NC, my mom picked her up like a baby and brought her to New Haven years later and now my grandma is 95 years with congestive heart failure. My uncle (grandmas brother) was also sick in NC and God laid it on her heart to go get him. My mom took care of him until he passed 10 years later. My mom makes my grandma fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner(with a snack in between) every morning and she never complains. When the pandemic hit my substitute teaching job was no longer but my mom made sure my bills were paid each and every month and never once complained about helping me. She is so selfless. She even takes care of my dad, who has cancer for the 9th time, although he gives her a hard time, she let me handle him. Lol She does all of this with a smile on her face. She is a beautiful person inside and out. This is the reason why I am nominating my mom.”

Congratulations Mrs. Mary Reddick!

Mary received a framed certificate, flowers, a spa gift card and dinner for 2 at Kool Breeze Jamerican Cuisine on Whalley Avenue in New Haven!