Congratulations Jazzlyn!

Congratulations Jazzlyn!

Congratulations to Jazzlyn on your graduation from West Haven High School! WYBC is so very happy for you and your family and friends! Great job!

Thank you for inviting us to your celebration parade!


Are you planning a safe social distanced parade that you want the WYBC to participate in? Maybe we can join you, email your request to our Marketing & Promotions Director Drew Carrano:

Have your email subject be “Parade WYBC” and tell us all the details.

Who is it for:
Date and time of parade:
Where to meet and what time:
Address the parade drives by:
Your name:
Your phone number:
Anyone else involved we should know about? (Police, Fire Department, etc)
We will let you know if we can participate

Note: Due to the large number of requests, please understand that we are not able to make all the parades submitted to us. We will email you the day before your scheduled parade if we are able to attend.