Art exhibition, Panel Discussion “Dialogue in a Time of Discord,” and Opening Reception

Location/Organization: Kehler Liddell Gallery, 873 Whalley Avenue, New Haven CT
Date of Event: Sunday, April 28th (Exhibition runs April 25th – May 26th, 2019)
  1. Panel Discussion: Start Time: 3pm
  2. Panel Discussion: End Time: 4pm
  3. Exhibition Reception: Start Time: 4pm
  4. Exhibition Reception: End Time: 6pm
Telephone Contact for Information: 203-389-9555
About the ExhibitionWhat do these numbers call to mind? Impeccable eyesight? Fully knowledgeable hindsight? A prophetic projection of foresight? Or perhaps a particular year in the near future that looms large in the mind’s eye? 47 artists respond. More information:
About the Discussion: “Dialogue in a Time of Discord,” moderated by Leah Andelsmith of the Arts Paper. Leah writes: “Anchored by the artwork on view, the conversation will focus on how we can bridge divergent perspectives and what we can all gain by trying on another’s eyes. What are our challenges, what are our points of connection, and how can we sight our path to the future?” Panelists TBA. Sponsored by ArtEcon Initiative.
Gallery Hours: Thursday/Friday, 11am-4pm; Saturday/Sunday, 10am-4pm; or by appointment.