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M.O.V.E., Inc. (Mother's of Victims Equality)

Wexler-Grant School Library 55 Foote St. New Haven, Ct 06511
Thursday, December 19, 2013
6:30p to 8p Every 3rd Tuesday & Thursday

M. O. V. E, Inc. will be having Triple H ( Helping, Healing, Hoping) support groups two nights a week. These support groups are for anyone and everyone who wants to attend.  Please come out and join us.  You have the opportunity to talk about anything and everything that you would like to: trials, tribulations, concerns, ideas.  We are here to help each other if we need to: vent, scream, cry, and heal.  Our goal for these meetings is to assist each other with any component of our lives.  We pray and look forward to seeing everyone there. For more information, go to www.move-inc.com