This Day In Black History: May

This Day In Black History: May

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May 1

1941 – Asa Philip Randolph issued 100,000 Blacks to march on Washington, D.C. to protest discrimination in the armed forces and war industries.

1973 – Dr. Rameck R. Hunt was born today.


May 2

1962 –Wilt Chamberlain becomes the first basketball player to score 100 points in a game.

1922 – Library science professor and school media librarian Henrietta Smith was born today in New York, New York.


May 3

1964 – Actor Frederick O’Neal became the first African American elected president of the Actors’ Equity Association on this date.

1921 – Walter Smith Junior – known as Sugar Ray Robinson – was born today in Alley, Georgia.


May 4

1961 – 13 Freedom riders began bus trip through the South today.

1996 – Astrophysicist Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson was appointed director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.


May 5

1985 – The Apollo theater, a historic venue in Harlem for black variety shows and a hub of social life in New York City, reopens for its 50th anniversary.

1905 – Robert S. Abbott begins to publish the “Chicago Defender.”


May 6

1926 – Painter Edward Clark was born today on this date in New Orleans.

1967 – 400 students seized administration building at the Cheyney State College.


May 7

1946 – Emma Clarissa Clement became the first African American woman to be named “American Mother of the Year” by the Golden Rule Foundation.

1885 – Dr. John E.W. Thompson, a graduated of the Yale Medical School, was named Minister to Haiti.


May 8

1945 – Germany surrendered on V-E day.

1925 – The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the trailblazing black labor union, was organized by A. Philip Randolph.

1969 – Carole Anne-Marie Gist, the first African American woman to win the Miss USA title was born today.


May 9

1862 – General Hunter of the Union Army issued a proclamation freeing the slaves of Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

1867 – Sojourner Truth delivers the Equal Rights Speech.


May 10

1950 – Jackie Robinson appears on the cover of Life magazine, becoming the first African American to be  featured on the cover of the magazine.

1950 – Charles “Chuck” Cooper became the first Black drafted into the NBA on this date by the Boston Celtics.


May 11

1956 – Deborah Sawyer, environmental entrepreneur, was born today.

1854 – Dancer Martha Graham was born today.

1931 – Stage director Vernell Lillie was born today.


May 12

1940 – Jazz singer Al Jarreau was born today.

1947 – Civil rights activist and city alderman The Honorable Dorothy Tillman was born today.

1954 – Author and public relationships chief executive Terrie Williams was born today.


May 13

1966 – Darius Rucker was born today.

1969 – James Charles Evers was elected to be the first African American mayor of a racially mixed town in Mississippi.


May 14

1885 – Musician Joseph “King” Oliver was born today.

1963 – Arthur Ashe became the first African American male selected to play for the U.S. Davis Cup Tennis team.


May 15

1946 – Camilla Williams became the first African American woman to sign a contract with a major American opera company.

1929 – Book publishing executive Bennett Johnson was born today.


May 16

1966 – Grammy award R & B singer Janet Jackson was born today.

1967 – It was declared Jan E. Matzeliger Day in Lynn, Massachusetts. He was honored for his shoe lasting machine, which was patented in 1880.


May 17

1915 – National Baptist Convention was chartered.

1956 – World boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard was born today.


May 18

1896 – U.S. Supreme Court decision Plessy V. Ferguson, which upheld the “separate but equal” doctrine.

1946 – MLB Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was born today.


May 19

1925 – Malcom X, AKA Malcom Little, was born today.

1930 – Lorriane Hansberry was born today.


May 20

1970 – American rapper and actor Busta Rhymes (aka Trevor Tahiem Smith, JR.) was born today.

1952 – Actor and entertainer Lawrence Tero was born today.


May 21

1833 – Black students enroll in classes at Oberlin College in Ohio.

1972 – The Notorious B.I.G., known also as Biggie, was born today.


May 22

1966 – Bill Cosby became the first African American to receive an Emmy for best actor in a dramatic series for his role in I Spy.

1921 – Musicians and composers Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake’s musical “Shuffle Along,” opened on Broadway today.


May 23

1907 – Katie Booth, civic leader, was born today.

1954 – Anthony Johnson, physicist, was born today.


May 24

1944 – Patti LaBelle, R&B singer, was born today.

1983 – Reverend Jesse Jackson became the first African American to address a joint session of the United States Senate and House of Representatives today.


May 25

1949 – Novelist and essayist Jamaica Kincaid was born on this day. She has written novels such as “Annie John.”

1926 – Miles Davis, jazz composer and trumpet player, was born today.


May 26

1799 – Author Aleksandr Puskin was born today.

1961 – Freedom Ride Coordinating committee was established in Atlanta.


May 27

1936 – Corporate executive James B. Lockhart was born today.

1947 – James Johnson Jr., civil engineer was born today.

1935 – Jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis was born today.


May 28

1944 – Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Gladys Knight was born today.

1910 – Electric blues guitarist and vocalist Aaron “T-Bone” Walker was born today.


May 29

1973 – Thomas Bradley, a seasoned councilman, was elected mayor of Los Angeles.

1865 – President Andrew Johnson announced his program of Reconstruction, which required ratification of the 13th amendment. The program did not guarantee black suffrage.


May 30

1903 – Countee Cullen was born today.

1965 – Vivian Malone becomes the first African American graduates from the University of Alabama.


May 31

1961 – Judge Irving Kaufman ordered the board of education of New Rochelle to integrate schools.

1979 —  Zimbabwe was proclaimed independent.