WYBC Albertus Magnus College “Workforce Scholar of the Month”

WYBC Albertus Magnus College “Workforce Scholar of the Month”

94.3 WYBC, Albertus Magnus College and Albertus Magnus College President Dr. Marc M. Camille are celebrating the “Workforce Scholar of the Month!”

At Albertus Magnus College, they have faith in your future. To learn more visit www.albertus.edu/adult.


This Month We Honor:

Carlos Chaparro

Senior at Albertus Magnus College

Carlos Chaparro is currently a senior at Albertus Magnus College studying corporate finance.

He is currently a business banker and his dream is to be a business owner.

Faith has been a big part of his life. It has helped Carlos get through some of my toughest obstacles. From day one he genuinely felt the faith that Albertus has in him and in his future. That kind of faith in someone has the power to transform lives which has been his experience at Albertus. A total transformation. Carlos went from believing that college wasn’t for him to being months away from graduating with a bachelors degree. If not for the support, guidance, faith that I received from the staff and faculty, none of this is possible and for that Carlos is eternally grateful!

Congratulations Carlos!