WYBC Albertus Magnus College “Workforce Scholar of the Month”

WYBC Albertus Magnus College “Workforce Scholar of the Month”

94.3 WYBC, Albertus Magnus College and Albertus Magnus College President Dr. Marc M. Camille are celebrating the “Workforce Scholar of the Month!”

At Albertus Magnus College, they have faith in your future. To learn more visit www.albertus.edu/adult.


This Month We Honor:

Grabriska Stokes

Senior at Albertus Magnus College

Grabriska is currently a senior at Albertus Magnus College studying Psychology with a minor in Child development.

She works at a private school by the name of STEPS Christian Academy as a teacher for the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten grades.

Her dream occupation is to become a Child Psychologist with a concentration on children with special needs. She also would love to be an Autism Awareness coordinator in order to better help our community know the signs of Autism and treatments provided.

Grabriska has been married to her high school sweet heart for four years now. They do not have any children but they do have a dog by the name of Ms. Gia.

The reason Grabriska chose Albertus Magnus as her school of choice is because it felt like home. The sincere care shown by her advisors, professors and staff let her know that she would have constant support every step of the way. Albertus Magnus made sure that she would succeed in every way possible whether it be by an email, phone call or conversation in the hall. Grabriska can truly say that her school is one that won’t let you fail!